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La Aldea de
San Nicolas
Las Palmas
Playa del Inglés
Puerto de Mogán
Puerto Rico
San Agustin
San Bartolomé
de Tirajana
Santa Brígida
Santa Lucia
Santa Maria
de Guia
Vega San Mateo




Ayuntamiento de Telde
Plaza de San Juan 1,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 13 90 50

Other localities in the Municipality

Cazadores; El Calero; Gando; El Goro; La Breña; Jinámar; La Garita; La Majadilla; La Higuera Canaria; Las Huesas; La Pardilla; Lomo Magullo; Ojos de Garza; San Antonio; San Gregorio; Casas Nuevas; San Juan; San Francisco; Valle de Los Nueve; Valle de San Roque; San José de Las Longueras.

Municipality Information

Area: 100.20 km²
Population: 96.547
Height of the City: 130 MSL.
Highest point: 1.600 MSL.
Distance to Las Palmas: 9,5 km.

Tourist Information

Oficina de Turismo
Calle León y Castillo 2,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 68 13 36

Aeropuerto de Gando
(Terminal Internacional)
35230 Telde
Tel. 928 57 40 58 / 928 57 40 44


Map Telde

Police / Emergency / Court

Policia Lokal
Inés Chemida s/n
Tel. 928 13 90 60 / 928 13 90 50
Emergency call  Tel. 092

Guardia Civil
Tel. 928 69 00 51
Emergency call  Tel. 062

Emergency call   Tel. 112

Fire-fighting Service
Parque de Bomberos de Telde
Tel.  928 70 74 75 / 902 45 00 56
Emergency call  Tel. 080

Cruz Roja  ( Red Cross )
Pérez Galdós 15
Tel. 928 69 15 90 /
928 68 22 22

Protección Civil
Conde de la Vega Grande 7
Tel. 928 68 22 13 / 928 13 90 61

Juzgado de Paz  ( Court )
Párroco Hernández Benitez s/n,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 13 87 31
Fax. 9228 13 87 2


Cooperativa de Taxis
Tel. 902 19 20 19 / 928 15 47 77

Radio Taxi Telde
Cánovas del Castillo s/n
Tel. 928 70 38 00

Radio Taxi de San Juan
Tel. 928 68 87 13 / 928 69 49 08


See different routes:  Salcai/Utinsa Global.


The airport of Gran Canaria is placed 18 km. South East of Las Palmas. About 20 min. drive.
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Hospital / Doctor

Hospital Insular
Av. Maritima
Las Palmas
Tel. 928 44 40 00

Centro de Salud
San Gregorio
Tel. 928 69 88 61


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Las Palmas Airport
Distance to Las Palmas: 18 km

Las Palmas Airport in Gando, is situated about the middle of the East coast, and is built in 1993 about 20 minutes driving range from Las Palmas, 30 minutes from Playa del Ingles and about  45 minutes from Puerto Rico.
Direct planes from Madrid takes a little more than 2 hours. All the Canary Islands has an airport for national and international flights, except La Gomera who only has to national flights.

See more about air companies

Post Office

Dr. Hernandez Benitez 2
35200 Telde
Tel. 928 69 24 75

Theatre / Cinema

Teatro Casa de la Cultura de Telde
Poeta Pablo Neruda 1,  35220 Telde
Tel. 928 69 14 68 / 928 13 92 49
Fax. 928 69 08 26


Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Telde
Licenciado Calderín 22,  35200  Telde
Tel. 928 69 02 22

Open: Monday - Friday  09.00 - 21.00

Digital Library

Biblioteca Pública Municipal de la Casa de Cultura de Telde
Pablo Neruda 1,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 69 14 68 / 928 69 61 04
Fax. 928 69 61 04

Open: Monday - Friday
09.00 - 14.00 and 16.00 - 21.00

Biblioteca del Instituto Canario de Ciencias Marinas
Apdo. de Correos 56,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 13 29 00
Fax. 928 13 29 08

Open: Monday - Friday 08.00 - 15.00

Biblioteca de la Casa Museo León y Castillo
León y Castillo 43 - 45,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 69 13 77
Fax. 928 69 13 77

Open: Monday - Friday 08.00 - 15.00
Open in the Summer 09.00 - 14.00


Hipermercado Alcampo
Autovía GC-1 Km 8,  35212 Telde
Tel. 928 13 40 00
Opening hours: 09.00 - 22.00

Big warehouse, where you can buy to reasonable prices
69 cash desks tells a little about how big it is.

See our site about Shopping Centre

Leroy Merlin
Autovía GC-1 Km 8,  35214 Telde
Tel. 928 70 76 00
Fax. 928 70 66 16

Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00

Big building ware house

Autovía GC-1 Km 8,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 70 37 70
Fax. 928 70 37 61

This warehouse demands a card from an independent company down here.

Worth seeing

Parroquia de la Inmaculada Concepción
Carretera General Jinámar
35220 Telde
Tel. 928 71 21 93

Parroquia María de Nazaret
Casas Nuevas
35200 Telde
Tel. 928 13 16 70

Parroquia de Ntra. Sra. de Fátima
Esteban Navarro 14
35200 El Calero
Tel. 928 69 01 18

Parroquia de Ntra. Sra. de Las Nieves
Plaza de Lomo Magullo
35489 Telde

Parroquia de Ntra. Sra. del Carmen
35213 Las Huesas
Tel. 928 68 36 06

Parroquia del Sgdo. Corazón de Jesús
Siempreviva 9
35212 La Garita
Tel. 928 70 63 57

Parroquia de San Gregorio
San Gregorio
35200 Telde
Tel. 928 69 02 02

Parroquia de San Hermenegildo Mártir
35211 Valle de Los Nueve

Parroquia de San Isidro
35212 Telde
Tel. 928 69 16 46

Parroquia de San José
35200 Las Longueras

Parroquia de San Juan Bautista
Plaza de San Juan
35200 Telde
Tel. 928 68 09 06 / 928 69 02 85

Parroquia de San Pedro
Onésimo Redondo 4
35221 Ejido

Parroquia de San Roque
Valle de San Roque
35200 Telde
Tel. 928 68 40 89

Parroquia de Santa Rita de Casia
Ojos de Garza
35219 Telde
Tel. 928 57 51 76

Parroquia del Santo Cura de Ars
Plaza de Clavellina
35214 Melenara
Tel. 928 13 28 52

Casa-Museo León y Castillo
León y Castillo 43-45,  35200 Telde
Tel. 928 69 13 77
Fax. 928 69 66 53

Photo gallery

An institution established in 1954 by the council of Gran Canaria, situated in the house in which two distinguished Gran Canaria personalities were born, namely Fernando León y Castillo, the first marquis of Muni, and his brother, Juan, the engineer who designed the port named Puerto de la Luz in Las Palmas, and who was a faithful exponent of Mudejar architecture in the Canaries. Both men were faithful exponents of the political class of the Bourbon Restoration.

The museum houses a research centre, with a library that is specialised in contemporary history. This centre organises courses, seminars and conferences, while also awarding scholarships and a research prize.

Museo Palacio Spínola
The house of the Spínola family is one of the most important surviving buildings in the town owing both to its features and to its size. It was built by Don José Feo Peraza between 1730 and 1780, though his son Don José Feo de Armas was the most important person to live in this mansion. The surname Spínola became associated with the mansion for the first time in its history in 1895, after being linked to the Feo family for over 150 years.

The house-museum León y Castillo is one of the best examples of large ancestral houses in Canarias. Inside the house,  there are numerous personal objects, the library and paintings by Gusach, Raimundo Madrazo and José Arencibia Gil. Other places of interest are the tower of Gando, of the 18th century, at present aeronautical museum, the ancestral houses of the quarter of San Juan, with their carving works of  Arucas and wooden balconies coloured in green, the house of Ponce de León and the so called basilica menor.

Telde possesses the oldest historical centre in the whole canary archipelago. The natural environment of Telde is of great beauty. Most interesting is the Special Natural Reservation of Los Marteles, with places of great importance like el barranco de los Cernícalos or el barranco de las Goteras, in the protected landscape of Tafira.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
08.00 - 20.00
Saturday - Sunday 10.00 - 13.00

Admission: Free

Poblado Aborigen de Tara
Norteño del acantilado
35200 Telde


Where the Prehispanic settlements of Tara and Cendra are now located, the first inhabitants of Telde lived on the northern slope of the cliff.

In reality, it's a group of very primitive buildings formed from cave-dwellings, dug out of the rock, although some of these caves were formed by volcanic eruptions.

One of the main characteristics of these two enclaves is, that the cave-dwellings were still used until quite recently, both as homes and as places for keeping cattle.

Tara was the location of the discovery of the so-called Idolo de Tara (Tara Idol), an anthropomorphosis statue, considered the goddess of fertility, which can be seen in the Museo Canario.

Admission to the various districts is free.


Monasterio de la Santísima Trinidad y San José
Tel. 928 69 29 64

Orden: Carmelitas descalzas  ( Barfoot  kamilitermonk / nun )


Cueva de los Cuatro Puertas

Located near the airport and the city of Telde at the peak of the so-called Bermeja mountain, this archaeological site strongly reflects the close relationship, between the Prehispanic Canary Islanders and their religious beliefs.

It's formed by a room with four large doors, hence the name (cuatro puertas meaning "four doors"), all dug out of volcanic rock. There are many signs here telling you about the place and the Guanches both in English and Spanish, and with illustrations to give additional information.

However, above them is a proper altar directly related to solar rites.

Behind, the spectacular caves of Los Papeles and Las Solumnas, complete the site and give you an unbeatable view of the Roque de Gando and the southeast of Gran Canaria.

Llano de las Brujas

Casa de los Ponce de León

Casa Condal


Playa Jinamar
 Length about 975 m.
Breadth about 50 m.
Degree of coverage: High

Playa El Barranquillo
 Length about 550 m.
Breadth about 48 m.
Degree of coverage: Low

Playa San Borondon
 Length about 225 m.
Breadth about 30 m.
Degree of coverage: Low

Playa Chica
 Length about 120 m.
Breadth about 36 m.
Degree of coverage: Low

Playa La Garita
 Length about 260 m.
Breadth about 25 m.
Degree of coverage: High

Playa Pozuelo
 Length about 130 m.
Breadth about 45 m.
Degree of coverage: High

Playa El Hombre
 Length about 270 m.
Breadth about 65 m.
Degree of coverage: High

Playa Melenara
 Length about. 350 m.
Breadth about  30 m.
Degree of coverage: High

Playa Salinetas
 Length about 320 m.
Breadth about  50 m.
Degree of coverage: High

Playa Agua Dulce
 Length about 140 m.
Breadth about  20 m.
Degree of coverage: Low
Rocky Area

Playa Tufia
 Length about 110 m.
Breadth about  20 m.
Degree of coverage: Medium

Playa Ojos de Garza
 Length about 450 m.
about  45 m.
Degree of coverage: Medium

Park / Square

Plaza de San Juan
35200 Telde

Plaza y Parque Franchy Roca
Avenida del Cabildo
35200 Telde

Plaza de San Gregorio
35200 Telde

Trip suggestions


Harbour / Ferries

Longitude: 28º 00' N  -  Latitude: 15º 22,4' W

Puerto Deportivo Taliarte
35200 Telde
Tel. 928 37 21 44

0 Public
Diesel, oil Water
Electricity Radio
Haul Up Crane
30 ton Lift Workshop


Telde has one of the biggest collections on the Island of old monuments and buildings from the colonial times, and furthermore the Streets covered with paving stones, which makes it a pleasure walking here.

Webpage's about Telde

Telde Tonight
Telde Magica
Telde Actualidad


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