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Ayuntamiento de Tejeda
Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Socorro 3,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 01 / 928 66 60 49
Fax. 928 66 62 52

Open: Monday - Friday
08.00 - 14.30
Saturday 09.00 - 12.00

Other localities in the Municipality

El Carrizal; Peña Rajada; El Majuelo; El Chorrillo; La Solana; Timagada; Juan Gómez; El Roque; Casas del Lomo; Lomo de los Santos; El Toscón; La Crucita; La Degollada; El Juncal; El Espinillo;
La Higuerilla; La Culata; Cuevas Caídas; El Rincón.

Municipality Information

Area: 103,30 km²
Population: 2.341
Height of the City: 1.050 MSL.
Highest point: 1.803 MSL.
Distance to Las Palmas: 43,7 km.
Average temperature: 19 °C

Tourist Information

Oficina de Información Turística
Museo de Esculturas Abraham Cárdenes
Leocadio Cabrera 2,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 61 89

Tuesday - Friday 11.00 - 15.00
11.30 - 14.30
Sunday 11.30 - 16.00


Map Tejeda

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The weather in Tejeda

Police / Emergency / Court

Policia Local
Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Socorro
Tel. 928 66 60 01
Emergency call  Tel. 092

Guardia Civil
Galindo s/n,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 27

Emergency call  Tel. 062

Emergency call   Tel. 112

Fire-fighting Service ( Bomberos )
Emergency Telephone. 080

Cruz Roja ( Red Cross)

Protección Civil




See different routes:  Salcai/Utinsa Global.

Hospital / Doctor

Complejo Hospitalario Materno-Insular
Avda. Maritima del Sur, 35016 Las Palmas
Tel. 928 44 45 00 / 928 44 40 00 - Fax. 928 44 42 88

Centro de Salud de Tejeda
Párroco Rodríguez Vega s/n,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 62 20 / 928 66 61 12


Look under Worth Knowing - Pharmacy

Post Office



Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Tejeda
Plaza Nuestra Señora del Socorro s/n,  35360 Tejeda

Open: Monday - Friday  09.30 - 13.30 and 16.00 - 20.00

Digital Library

Worth seeing


Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Socorro
Plaza del Socorro, 35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 11 / 928 66 61 53

The church's eclectic artistic language, its door made of pine tree wood and the stonework of the walls are outstanding. The oldest piece is the wooden statue of Cristo de la Sangre (Christ of Blood), that probably came to Tejeda in the middle of the 17th century for the Congregación de la Sangre (Congregation of Blood). It survived the fire that destroyed the church in 1920 and was found years later under the floor in one of the lateral naves.


Parroquia de Ntra. Sra. la Virgen Milagrosa
35360 La Solana

Museo de Esculturas de Abraham Cárdenes
Leocadio Cabrera, 35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 01 / 928 66 60 49
Fax. 928 66 62 52

(The Abraham Cárdenes Sculptures Museum) The Museum presents not only works of this lokal artist, after whom the museum was named. It also hosts the Tourist Information Desk and a travelling exhibitions room.

Centro de Interpretación de Degollada Becerra
Carretera de los Pechos
35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 17 03 36

Here the visitor can gather information about farming, cattle breeding, the architecture and other relevant facts of the basin.

Centro de Interpretación de la Naturaleza
Barranquillo del Pañón,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 01 / 928 66 60 49
Fax. 928 66 62 52

Centro de Interpretación
Arqueológica del Bentayga
Carretera del Bentayga s/n
35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 17 03 84

Roque Bentayga

Huge basalt monolith is situated 1412 MSL.

This is another strange rock formation not so far from Roque Nublo. It's situated close to Tejeda and you can go walking up to it. This place also had a religious significance for the guanches that used to live here before the Spanish conquest. Sacrifice ceremonies often took place at the mountain foot, which is to be fetched by a small path.

From many of the nearby areas you have a great view to both Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo, and sometimes also Teide on the neighbour island Tenerife.

By the descent from the parking lot you find a house with exhibitions and descriptions of the Area.

Cuevas del Rey
"The Kings cave"

Cuevas del Rey near the  Roque Bentayga and mentioned on some of the plates mentioned before, there's also found trace of a cultic place.
This cave is very big - 11 metres long, 7 metres broad and 2,5 metres high.

Albergue de Montaña
La Cruz Blanca,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 65 17

Parador Nacional de la Cruz de Tejeda

Inn built of the Spanish State designed by Nestor de la Torres.

Centro de Interpretación del
Parque Rural del Nublo
Degollada Becerra s/n
35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 17 03 36

Monumento Natural del Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo is situated 1813 MSL.
The highest Basalt Monolith in the world, and the best known landmark on Gran Canaria. This is a very strange rock formation up in the mountains. It had a religious significance for the guanches that used to live here before the Spanish conquest.

You will get to it after a 15 minutes walk by a winding path, from a very small parking lot.

The rock can also be seen from many other places in the mountains.

Museo Las Tres Cruces
Tel. 678 38 59 92

Exhibition of items traditionally used, such as farming tools and illustration of typical situations of the farming and cattle raising activities.

Paisaje Protegido de las Cumbres

Museo de las Tradiciones de Tejeda
(Ethnographic Museum of Tejeda) Here the traditions and customs of the community are presented in a modern and interactive manner: The focus lays on farming, cattle breeding as well as distinct conflicts about land and water.

Centro de Plantas Medicinales
(Medicinal Plants Centre) The centre shows what the most representative herbs and plants of the area are and have been used for: Some have medical value, others culinary qualities and some others had a symbolic value. In a very special setting the visitor can walk about the gardens and enjoy the plants.

"El Labrador" Museum
La Tosca
Tel. 678 38 59 92
Elements of traditional use such as agricultural tools, and demonstrations of activities typical of farming and herding can be seen in this museum.

Monumento Natural de Riscos de Tirajana

Reserva Natural Integral de Inagua

Cueva Caballero ( Risco de Chapín )

Centro Cultural Antiguo Cine
Ezequiel Sánchez,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 01

Camping / Youth Hostel

Área de acampada
Llano del Salado
Side road to el cruce de los Llanos de la Pez

Area covering about 500 square meters with 10 places

Área de acampada
Corral de los Juncos
Ctra. Cruz de los Llanos

Area covering about 20.000 square meters with 300 places

Albergue de Montaña de Tejeda
Tomás Arroyo Cardoso

Area covering about 2000 square meters with 34 places and the only one from above mentioned you can get to by means of public transportation.

Cortijo de Huertas
Ctra. Cruz de los Llanos - Ayacata

Area covering about 20.000 square meters with 60 places.

Centro de Visitantes
Parque Arqueológico del Bentayga
Sidevej til Ctra. al Roque

Area covering about 160 square meters with 25 places.

Centro de Visitantes
Parque Rural del Nublo
Ctra. Cruz de Tejeda a Los Pechos

Área recreativa
Llanos de la Pez
Ctra. Cruz de los Llanos

Area covering about 30.000 square meters with 500 places

Área recreativa
Presa Cueva de las Niñas
Ctra. Ayacata
Presa de las Niñas

Area covering about 15.000 square meters with 100 places

Park / Square

Plaza Nuestra Señora del Socorro
35360 Tejeda

Parque Municipal
Ezequiel Sánchez s/n
35360 Tejeda

Trip suggestions

Parque Rural del Nublo

Is the biggest protected natural area on the Island. The area is  26.307 ha. about the same size as La Gomera, and it is spread out between 8 Municipalities, Tejeda, La Aldea de San Nicolás, Mogán, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Artenara, San Mateo, Valleseco and Moya

Theatre / Cinema

Salón de Actos del Ayuntamiento de Tejeda
( Salón Rojo )
Plaza del Socorro s/n,  35360 Tejeda
Tel. 928 66 60 01 / 928 66 60 49
Fax. 928 66 62 52


Tejeda is a small Mountain village located beside the popular "Cruz de Tejeda" (Cross of Tejeda), which is a huge stone cross on a mountainside at 1580 metres.

The cross marks the centre of the Gran Canaria island. It's a popular sightseeing attraction surrounded by restaurants, bars and souvenirs shops.

There are some spectacular views from here. Head up to the Parador Nacional (holiday inn) or some of the other close by viewpoints and you'll be able to see all the way out across the island's many mountains and valleys. As the sun drops and the light changes, you can catch some beautiful  photos.

From the top there's in clear weather a fantastic view over all the Island. You are able to see to Tenerife, where Teide, being the highest Mountain in Spain, towers above Tenerife with its 3.718 metre above sea.

Be warned though; at weekends it can get pretty packed and sometimes quite noisy. This is a favourite weekend location for locals and their kids.

This is an excellent place to go trekking and walking. For the serious trekkers and climbers, there are plenty of higher peaks to explore. But, for the more relaxed or lesser experienced there's also lots of relatively short, easy and relaxed walks that you can try. Walking amongst this dazzling scenery is an experience you won't forget. It's like no other place on earth.

Tejeda village rests at about 1000 meters above sea level. It's surrounded by orchards and vegetable cultivations. The scenery here is truly stunning. In the surrounding crater, you'll find numerous archaeological remains such as rock engravings, paintings graves and some fascinating caves that date back centuries.

Tejeda has been saved by tourism. Without it, the village would have been deserted years ago. In fact, over 50% of the villagers have already left. It's impossible to live of the agricultural cultivations of this barren land.

Having said that, Tejeda is a very nice place to visit for a day trip. It's perfect for the kids. It's also a nice stopping place for lunch, with some very good restaurants. If you come here you have to try the "Bienmesabe". This is one of the local almond sweets that basically means "it tastes good to be". It does too! It's delicious.

One of the best times to visit is during the fiesta of the Almond Tree in Bloom, which takes in February every year. The winter landscape colours are quite spectacular, as is the atmosphere of the festival. Everyone joins in; it's a very special occasion.

The people living in the eighteen different villages of Tejeda are still holding on to traditional customs. Their effort to recover and preserve their heritage has turned the villages into obligatory stops on the visitor's tour. When it is time for the local festivals, between May and the end of summer the villages show themselves in their most beautiful state.


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