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Town Moya

Moya Municipality


Ayuntamiento de Moya
Miguel Hernández 13, 35420 Moya
Tel. 928 61 12 55
- Fax. 928 61 23 13

Other localities in the Municipality

Barranco del Laurel; Barranco del Pinar; Cabo Verde; Carretería; La Costa; Doramas; Los Dragos; Fontanales; Frontón; Hoyas del Cavadero; San Fernando; El Tablero; La Jurada; Trujillo; El Pagador; Altillo; Palmito; Los Tilos; Lomo Blanco.

Municipality Information

Area: 31,87 km²
Population: 7.801
Height of the City: 490 MSL.
Highest point: 1.771 MSL.
Coastal length: 4,22 km.

Tourist Information

Oficina de Turismo
Gral. Franco 16
Tel. 928 61 23 48

Monday - Friday 09.00 - 14.30


Map Moya

Map over the Municipality of Moya

Map over the City Moya

Police / Emergency / Court

Policia Lokal
General Mola 32
Tel 928 61 22 44

Emergency call  Tel. 092

Guardia Civil
Emergency call  Tel. 062

Emergency call   Tel. 112

Fire-fighting Service ( Bomberos )
Emergency Telephone. 080

Juzgado de Paz
A. Hidalgo 17
Tel 928 62 00 10

Protección Civil
Alejandro Hidalgo 32
Tel 928 61 02 04 /
699 47 38 34


Parada de Taxis
Juan Delgado s/n
Tel. 928 62 00 83


Estación de Guaguas
Paseo Doramas 25
928 61 11 92

See different routes:  Salcai/Utinsa Global.

Hospital / Doctor

Clinica Ntra. Sra. del Pino
Cl. Angel Guimera 91
Las Palmas
Tel. 928 44 10 00

Centro de Salud
General Primo de Rivera 27
Tel. 928 61 29 83


Tel. 928 55 42 45 / 649 49 77 92
Open  16.00 - 20.00


Look under Worth Knowing - Pharmacy

Post Office



Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Moya
Plaza de Tomas Morales 1,  35420 Moya
Tel. 928 62 02 17 / 928 61 01 26

Open: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 12.00
and  16.00 - 19.00

Digital Library

Worth seeing

Casa Museo Tomás Morales
Plaza Tomás Morales, 35420 Moya
Tel. 928 62 02 17 / 928 61 24 01
Fax. 928 61 12 17

The birthplace of the modernist poet Tomás Morales(1884-1921).

Numerous personal possessions and pieces of furniture belonging to the poet are on display together with editions of all of his works and those of other Canary Islands poets. And a yearly poetry competition, which is well supported.

The museum has a library that specialises in poetry, while also organising various cultural activities, such as conferences, concerts and recitals... It also awards a prize for poetry, in addition to scholarships and a research prize.

The museum’s holdings consist of objects or memorabilia closely linked to the author, and are based on the writer’s legacy.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
09.00 - 20.00
Saturday 10.00 - 20.00
Sundays and Holidays 10.00 - 14.00

Admission: Free

Parroquia de Ntra. Sra. de la Candelaria
Plaza de la Candelaria
35420 Moya
Tel. 928 62 00 07


Parroquia de San Bartolomé
Plaza de Fontanales
35421 Fontanales
Tel. 928 61 05 87

Edificio de la Heredad de Aguas de Moya

Declarados Monumentos Naturales

Montaña de Los Moriscos

Tilos de Moya
Cerca del mar
35420 Moya

A spectacular forest once covered the northern part of Gran Canaria. It was at the time of the Spanish conquest (15th century). All that's left today are two redoubts, the Finca de Osorio (in Teror) and the Tilos de Moya.

It's said that it was here, that the Pre-Hispanic chief, Doramas, took refuge after attacking the Castilian conquerors, which is why it's also known as Selva de Doramas (Doramas' Wood), and despite the fact that the characteristic monteverde vegetation is not as predominant as it once was, it's still worth visiting Los Tilos.

These days, there are various old caseríos (country-houses), such as Azuaje, with its medicinal waters.

Admission: free.


Playa Charco San Lorenzo
Length about 75 m.
Breadth about 45 m.
Degree of coverage: High
Rocky Area

Playa San Lorenzo
Length about 920 m.
Breadth about 35 m.
Degree of coverage: High
Rocky Area


Park / Square

Parque Pico Lomito
Juan Delgado

Plaza de San Bartolomé de Fontanales

Plaza de Tomás Morales

Plaza de la Candelaria

Plaza de Carretería

Parque de Trujillo
Juan XXIII. Trujillo

Parque Natural de Doramas

Parque Natural de Cumbres

Trip suggestions

Barranco de Azuaje

Barranco de Moya

Barranco Oscuro

Barranco del Laurel

Parque Rural del Nublo

Is the biggest protected natural area on the Island. The area is  26.307 ha. about the same size as La Gomera, and it is spread out between 8 Municipalities, Tejeda, La Aldea de San Nicolás, Mogán, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Artenara, San Mateo, Valleseco and Moya


Moya is peaceful and charming little town. To get here you'll pass along a narrow winding road, surrounded by huge volcanic valleys. The town is well known for its fantastic Neo-Romanesque church. This impressive structure dates back to the first half of the 20th century and is the birthplace of famous Spanish poet, Tomas Morales.

Tomas Morales is one of Gran Canaria's most popular poets. He was born in 1884 and lived until 1921. Just across from the church is the actual house where he grew up. During the 1970's the house was transformed into a museum dedicated to his life and work. There are some very interesting exhibits inside with manuscripts, photographs, paintings and much more. They even have his original typewriter on display.


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