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Town Mogán

Mogán Municipality

Mogán flag


Ayuntamiento de Mogán
General Franco 6
35140 Mogán
Tel. 928 56 91 00

Oficinas Municipales de Arguineguín
35120 Arguineguín
Tel. 928 56 85 66

Servicios Sociales de Arguineguín
35120 Arguineguín
Tel. 928 56 85 71

Arguineguín is situated in the municipality of  Mogán, and we refer to that city for further information.

Tourist Information

Oficina de Turismo de Puerto Rico
Avda. de Mogán
35130 Puerto Rico
Tel. 928 15 88 04

Open:  Monday - Friday  08.15 - 14.30


Map Arguineguín

Panorama picture of the artificial Island by Anfi del Mar

Maps covering where the hotels are placed in
 Patavalaca and Arguineguín

Pictures from Arguineguín

Police / Emergency

Policia Lokal
Pérez Galdós
Tel. 928 56 85 74
Emergency call  Tel. 092

Guardia Civil
Plaza Las Marañuelas s/n

Tel. 928 15 27 20
Fax. 928 15 27 21
Emergency call  Tel. 062

Emergency call   Tel. 112

Fire-fighting Service
( Bomberos )
Emergency call  Tel. 080

Protección Civil
Miguel Marrero Rodríguez s/n
Tel. 928 15 13 53


Cooperativa de Taxis
Tel. 902 19 20 19 / 928 15 47 77

Hospital / Doctor

Complejo Hospitalario Materno-Insular
Avda. Maritima del Sur
35016 Las Palmas
Tel. 928 44 45 00 - 928 44 40 00
Fax. 928 44 42 88

Centro de Salud Arguineguín
Tel. 928 15 27 10




Look under Worth Knowing - Pharmacy

Post Office

Correos y Telegrafos
Avda. Maritima s/n
35120 Arguineguín
Tel. 928 73 54 16

Open Monday - Friday  08.30 - 14.30
Saturday 09.30 - 13.30

Shopping Centre

Centro Ancora
35120 Arguineguín
Nice Shopping Center with a variety of Scandinavian and British shops, restaurants and bars.
There's a small market every Thursday from 08.00 - 14.00


Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Mogán
Miguel Marrero s/n
35120 Arguineguín

Open Monday - Friday  17.00 - 21.00

Digital Library

Worth seeing

Parroquia de Santa Agueda
Plaza Pérez Galdós
35120 Arguineguín
Tel. 928 15 03 69 / 928 73 59 64


Playa Las Marañuelas
Length about 360 m.
Breadth about 14 m.
Degree of coverage: High


Playa de Arguineguín
Length about 100 m.
Breadth about 25 m.
Degree of coverage: High


Playa Patalavaca
Length about 290 m.
Breadth about 25 m.
Degree of coverage: High


Playa Aquamarina
Length about 85 m.
Breadth about 23 m.
Degree of coverage: High


Playa La Verga
Length about 120 m.
Breadth about 20 m.
Degree of coverage: High


Park / Square

Plaza Pérez Galdós
35120 Arguineguín

Plaza de Las Marañuelas
35120 Arguineguín

Plaza de Los Poetas
35120 Arguineguín

Plaza de los Túnidos
35120 Arguineguín

Trip suggestions

Tour suggestion to Las Palmas Click here

The Soria dam in the middle of the Island, contains part of the Islands water reserves, and we are able to see how the water is transported in a system built of slaves in the 16th and 17th century.

Barranco de Arguineguín

Harbour / Ferries

Longitude: 27º 45' N  -  Latitude: 15º 41' W

Arguineguín Puerto
Avenida del Puerto
35120 Arguineguín
Tel. 928 73 64 41
Fax. 928 15 20 74

Fortøjringer 100 Places Offentlig 0 Public
Tank Diesel, oil Vand Water
Strøm Electricity Radio Radio
Ophaling Haul Up Kran Crane
Lift Lift Værksted Workshop

By the Harbour you find the local Fisherman's fishing boats, and here it is possible to buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen.

Líneas Salmon offers 8 daily departures with their Glass bottom boats, where it is possible to study the underwater life on the trip to Puerto Rico or Puerto de Mogan.
A trip takes about 25 - 30 min. Prices from 5,50 €. The boats are easily recognised on their green/white colours.

The boats from Líneas Salmon also have two special departures, where they are sailing to the Dolphin area, a trip taking one hour. You can hope, that a Dolphin will pass by.
The trips starts at 10.30 and 12.30, and only from the Puerto Rico Harbour.
Tel. 649 91 93 83 el. 649 92 59 18

It is also possible to sail with one of the boats from Líneas Blue Bird, which also have Glass bottom, and up to 7 departures every day.
It is possible to study some of the underwater life on the trip to Puerto Rico or Puerto de Mogan.
The trips takes about 25 - 30 min.
Prices from 5,50 €

Stadium / Sport

Swimming Pool
35120 Arguineguín
Tel. 928 56 85 73




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