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Town Agüimes

Agüimes Municipality


Ayuntamiento de Agüimes
Doctor Joaquin Artiles 1
35260 Agüimes
Tel. 928 78 99 80
Fax. 928 78 36 63

Ayuntamiento de Agüimes
Cruce de Arinaga
Tel. 928 18 07 72
Fax. 928 18 07 70

Other localities in the Municipality

Guayadeque; Temisas; Los Corralillos; La Goleta; Cruce de Arinaga;
Polígono Residencial de Arinaga; Playa de Arinaga; Llanos Prietos;
Las Rosas; Vargas; Montaña de Los Vélez; La Banda

Municipality Information

Area: 79,28 km²
Population: 25.541
Height of the City: 270 MSL.
Highest point: 357 MSL.
Coastal length: 22,50 km.
Distance to Las Palmas: 30 km.

Tourist Information

Oficina de Información Turística
Plaza de San Antón 1
35260 Agüimes
Tel. 928 12 41 83
Fax. 928 78 59 88

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday 09.00 - 15.00
Saturday - Sunday 09.00 - 14.00
Monday closed


Map Agüimes

Agüimes;  Temisas;  Los Corralillos;  La Goleta;  Cruce de Arinaga;
Polígono Residencial de Arinaga;  Playa de Arinaga;  Las Rosas;  Vargas;  Montaña de Los Vélez;  La Banda;  El Oasis Los Espinales.

Police / Emergency / Court

Policia Lokal
Dr. Joaquín Artiles s/n
Tel. 928 78 31 00
Emergency call  092

Guardia Civil
Balos 1
Tel. 928 78 18 25
Emergency call 062

Emergency call   Tel. 112

Fire-fighting Service
( Bomberos )
Emergency call  Tel. 080

logo_cruzroja.gif (276 bytes) Cruz Roja  ( Red Cross)
Miguel Hernández 5
Tel. 928 18 22 22 /
928 78 22 22

Protección Civil
Dr. Joaquín Artiles s/n
Tel. 928 18 25 86

Juzgado de Paz ( Court )
928 78 18 70


Cooperativa de Taxis
Tel. 902 19 20 19 / 928 15 47 77

Radio Taxi
Plaza Tomás Morales
Tel. 928 55 44 75

Hospital / Doctor

Complejo Hospitalario Materno-Insular
Avda. Maritima del Sur
35016 Las Palmas
Tel. 928 44 45 00 - 928 44 40 00
Fax. 928 44 42 88

Centro de Salud
Bolivia s/n
Tel. 928 78 98 41 / 928 78 10 66


Consultorio Médico
Cruce de Arinaga
Tel. 928 18 99 71


Consultorio Médico
Playa de Arinaga
Tel. 928 18 81 41




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Post Office

Oficina de Correos
928 78 33 33

Cruce de Arinaga
Arroró 2
35118 Cruce de Arinaga
Tel. 928 18 28 25

Theatre / Cinema

Teatro Municipal de Agüimes
Plaza de Santo Domingo Agüimes
Tel. 928 78 45 82

Teatro Gonzalo de Berceo
Tel. 928 78 18 43


Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Agüimes
Juan Melián Alvarado s/n
Tel. 928 78 76 77

Open Monday - Friday  16.30 - 20.30

Digital Library

Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Temisas
Camino Vecinal de Temisas 2

Open 18.00 - 20.00   -    3 days a week

Biblioteca Pública Municipal Cruce de Arinaga
Casa de Cultura
35260 Cruce de Arinaga

Open Monday - Friday  16.30 - 19.30

Worth seeing

Parroquia de San Sebastián
Sebastián Parer 5
35260 Agüimes
Tel. 928 78 18 46

There are more paintings and sculptures from among others  Luján Pérez, one of the greatest religious artists.

Conjunto Histórico de la Villa

Archaeological Museum
Plaza de San Antón 1
35260 Agüimes
Tel. 928 78 54 53
Photo gallery
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
08.30 - 13.30 & 16.00 - 18.00
Monday closed
Admission: 2,50

For four centuries, Agüimes was a domain of the Episcopal Chamber; the Episcopal Palace witnessed that period. The first writing mention to this building as Palacio de Obispos (Bishop’s Palace) dates from 1706. Said building has been restored and now houses the long-waited Museum of Agüimes History. 

The Agüimes History Museum enables visitors to learn about the last five centuries of the area’s history, from the establishment of the Señorío Episcopal (Bishop’s Seat and estate), following the Castilian Conquest of the island, up until the middle of the 20th century.

Interspersed between the different exhibition rooms and the services provided by the museum, are architectural works, some of which are new, while others have been recently restored.

This doubtless helps to recover the former splendour of such a unique building. In addition, the generosity of the town’s residents in ceding many of the items on display has not only prevented them from being lost but also has allowed them to be enjoyed by all.

Nowadays the museum has eight rooms for exhibiting the historical legacy: Episcopal Domain; Territory, and Population; Social Classes; Migrations, and Social Problems; Ideas; Home Economics; Agricultural-Ranching Economy, and Industry; Craftsmanship and Commerce.

Museo de Guayadeque
(Centro de interpretación arqueológica)
Barranco de Guayadeque
35260 Agüimes
Tel. 928 17 20 26
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday
 09.00 -17.00
Sunday 10.00 - 18.00
Monday closed
Admission: 2,50

The Guayadeque ravine is situated between the towns of Agüimes and Ingenio, in the east of Gran Canaria island. The ravine can be reached by road from both towns passing through the troglodyte hamlet of Cueva Bermeja and ending at the small village of Montaña de las Tierras situated within the ravine.

The outstanding environmental and heritage value of this exceptional area has led to it being declared a Natural Monument in accordance with the Law for Natural Areas of the Canaries and as an Area of Cultural Interest with the classification of Archaeological Site.

The preservation of this natural and cultural wealth has been possible due to the isolation this area has been subjected to up until relatively recently and this has also permitted the endurance of centuries old traditions and practices in the area which have long disappeared from other parts of the island.

In its course of some 20 km, from the foothills of the Marteles crater to the area surrounding the El Burrero beach, the water has carved out a channel and created towering walls in which a considerable number of typical Canarian plants have their home. The diverse flora and fauna benefit from the variety of altitudes and temperatures which occur along the water course of the ravine, from its headwaters in the peak district to the point at which it reaches the coast, through the areas in between.

The water, which has helped to shape this relief, has been and continues to be one of the defining elements of the landscape and of the ways of life in the ravine. The different sources have not only encouraged the growth of vegetation but have also provided sufficient water to cultivate adjacent land plots and supply the surrounding villages.

Human activity in this area dates from the Pre-Hispanic Age, an age from which we have many reports. The archaeological importance of Guayadeque began to be recognised in the last decades of the 19th century, when the Museo Canario began the first explorations.

The mummies and the large burial caves are the most well-known archaeological elements of the ravine but they are by no means the only ones. Modern archaeology, in addition to the further study of anthropological and burial aspects, has highlighted the presence of other equally significant elements such as the large troglodyte hamlets, grain stores and the cave paintings and engravings.

When post-Conquest historical documentation refers to Guayadeque it does so almost exclusively in relation to the exploitation of the waters whether for supply and irrigation or to drive the mills which have lain along its route up until the present day.

Guaydeque's environmental resources of national importance are on show in the Information Centre, situated in a building that has been carved out of the hillside following the troglodyte tradition of the ravine. The centre allows you to journey from the depths of the past when erosion and volcanic activity first shaped this route to its current state, through the indigenous occupation and subsequent settlement.

Arte Sacro

Parroquia de San Miguel
35280 Temisas   Agüimes

Monumento Natural del Roque Aguayro

Monumento Natural de Arinaga

Monumento Natural de Guayadeque

Las Salinas

Fondo submarino de la Playa de Cabrón

Zona Arqueológica del Barranco de Guayadeque

Casa de los Camellos


Playa Vargas
Length 1.300 m.
Breadth about 15 m.
Degree of coverage: Low
Rocky area


Playa El Cabrón
Length 290 m.
Breadth about 27 m.
Degree of coverage: Medium


Rocky area by the Lighthouse. El Cabron has a very long time been a place for divers because of the many fishes, and it is now made a natural reservation. You walk from the cliffs around the Lighthouse, as it is forbidden to sail in the area. Under the water there are cliff walls, formed by the lava in the beginning of time. It is a big area, and you are always able to find something seciting between the cliffs. Here are big shoals of every kind of Tropical fishes, and many  moraines. Maximal depths is about 32 m. As a rule the current is weak and the vue can easily be 30 m. It can be difficult to come in the water, if there are waves. You have to take care of the slippery rocks.

Playa Arinaga
Length about 700 m.
Breadth 70 m.
Degree of coverage: High
City area


Playa Balos
Length about 1.000 m.
Breadth about 12 m.
Degree of coverage: Low
Rocky area


Camping / Youth Hostel

Camping Temisas
Ctra. Grl. del Sur - Hoya del C., Km. 34,370
35260  Agüimes

Tel. 928 79 81 49

Park / Square

Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Parque de la Rambla

Plaza Primero de Mayo
Cruce de Arinaga

Plaza Che Guevara
Cruce de Arinaga

Plaza de Arinaga
Playa de Arinaga

Plaza Orlando Hernandez

Parque de los Moros

Plaza Santo Domingo

Trip suggestions

Barranco de Guayadeque is one of the most beautiful clefts on the Island, with lots of nature and many caves.

Cuevas Bermejas is one of the first signs, that guancher has lived here. The Cave City is quite a unique place, where the population till to day are living in caves. The Caves or "houses" are caved direct in the cliff in this special city and holds in a wonderful way a constant temperature at about  21° all year around. Here is also a small church in on of the caves.

Montaña de las Tierras - at the end of the road before the Mountain. Walk around the Mountain and see how the local lives - a very exciting trip.
Here is also a Cave Restaurant, named
Tagaror, and this is absolutely worth visiting.

Barranco de Balos - it is in this valley, we find "Lomo de los Leteros" where you can see inscriptions on the walls from the time of the guanches. There is a long stonewall covered with inscriptions of human figures and other things.
There is also one looking like a boat, but there were none on the Island at that time. The Inscriptions can be difficult to see, because of weather and wind, but also because tourist have carved their names.

Reserva Natural Especial de Los Marteles - 3.600 ha. big beautiful area, with among other things Los Marteles Crater.

Montaña de Agüimes - Morro del Cuervo

Montaña de Arinaga

Stadium / Sport

Sports ground Agüimes
Tel. 928 78 24 67

Swimming Pool
Joaquín Artiles 42
Tel. 928 12 40 61

The hall is open Monday - Friday 07.00 - 23.00
Swimming adults 07.00 -10.00 and 13.00 -16.00 and 19.00 - 23.00
Swimming children 16.00 - 19.00
Instruction 10.00 - 13.00

Motion room incl. Aerobic m/m 10.00 - 22.00

Sports ground Cruce de Arinaga
Tel. 928 18 14 62

Sports ground Arinaga
Tel. 928 17 22 52


Since the city was founded in 1487 the Bishop of Gran Canaria lived in the city till the 19th Century.

Agüimes is with its narrow streets, whitewashed houses and the valley Barranco de Guaydeque one of the places, where the most prehistory relics are found.

These are now mostly gathered in the museum in Las Palmas.


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