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How old is the information about Gran Canaria, that you can find on the Internet? - When we moved to Gran Canaria we searched and found a lot of information, but unfortunately we also found, that not much of the information we found on the Internet was up to date. That's why we have tried to make a very simple, but simultaneously as extensive a Website as possible, and in stead of writing a lot of information, which anyway is changed in maybe one month or in six months, we have chosen to link to the most official pages, where what you are looking for is up to date.

On these pages we have link and announcement to other sites about Gran Canaria. We hope, you will find some other pages as well, and in doing so visit our sponsors, giving them a possibility to measure the interest for our web pages. Your response to these links and to our pages as a whole does, that we are able to continue to serve you in the best possible way, and for instance answer the many mails, coming here every day.

the weather comes first, as it very likely is a great Advantage if there is a nice weather, when you are going on a Vacation. Eventually you can Click on the button above, to get a complete weather forecast for the next week. Remember to add   5 – 8 degrees, in order to reach the correct Temperature for the Southern part of the Island. If you find it too hot for comfort, just have a look at the bottom of this page, where you will find the Temperature in London.

Here on this Island we have an average Temperature of 21 degrees (In England about 9 degrees) mostly in July, August and September, where the Temperatures above is about 26 degrees. In the coldest Winter, the Temperature seldom goes below 16 degrees Celsius.

As an average, we receive 170 mm of Rain during the Year (England receive about 960 mm), so it's a  fit, that we have 350 Days with a nice, good Weather every Year. We have a mild Sea-Climate, and much warmer Winters than they experience on the Spanish Mainland (The Peninsula).

The Sun down here is very sharp compared to the Sun in England, and we can se, that many people get their Vacation spoiled because they get sun-scorched. Especially the Children should be protected from the Sun by a nice Suntan Oil with a very high Sun-factor. Make them wear a Sunhat, and be dressed lightly. The Sun is burning approximately one meter below the Water-surface, and remember Sandals to the Kids, so their Feet won’t burn in the very hot sand.

In the fine Weather here, it is time to get a little drink, so here you can see the Recipe to
Islas Canarias:
It is shaken and served with lots of Ice in a
Long-drink Glass.
      4 cl. Vodka
4 cl. Banana liquor
1 cl. Cointreau
1 cl. Grenadine
Sprite or 7 Up

The Canary Islands is a Group of Islands outside the African Northwest Coast. They consists of 7 Main Islands, divided in to Provinces:

-         Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Lancerote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

-         Santa Cruz de Tenerife: La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Tenerife.

The Canary Islands belong to Spain, and the Language is Spanish. The Inhabitants are Catholics, and are known for their honesty and Hospitality.

Gran Canaria is situated about 1.250 km from the Spanish Mainland. There are 83 km to Fuerteventura in the East, 62 km to Tenerife in the West, and 210 km to the Coast of Africa. All the Islands are Volcanic, and the oldest of the Islands, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are about 30 million Years old. The youngest of the Islands, El Hierro, is only 750 thousand Years old. The area of the Islands is 7.447 km². The Population is 2.103.992 (2009) Inhabitants, of which 838.397 (2009) lives on Gran Canaria.

Furthermore we receive 8 – 9 million Tourists a Year.

On Gran Canaria you can have a very nice vacation, with much sun and bathing, and absolutely no stress. The Sun is almost guaranteed, you’ll get excellent Food, lots of Pleasure, Shopping and many Sports Activities – on Land on the Water. Beautiful Sand-Beaches, many exciting Restaurants, Well kept Golf-courses, Water sport Centres, Shopping Centres and delicious Seafronts.

Gran Canaria is the best known Island, but it is only the 3rd biggest, after Tenerife and Fuerteventura. It was on Gran Canaria the big Tourist Adventure began, first in Las Palmas, but later on most of the Tourism moved South to places, where the Sun could be counted on.

Tourism has taken over in the Neon lit Cities, bur frankly, The Island is pretty Beautiful, and when leaving Playa del Inglés and Puerto Rico behind, you'll find, that Gran Canaria is much more than the Tourist Cities by the Coast. Take a trip in the Mountains to the Idyllic Villages, with Palm Trees, tall Mountains, gigantic Pine Trees, Volcano Craters and Whitewashed Houses in Villages between Almond Trees.

Here Christmas Flowers and Bougainvilleas grow as big bushes, and Clematis climbs the Walls, and where Fig Cactus and Agaves stands side by side. Or you can take a Trip along the steep West Coast, or a Trip to the middle of the Island, 1949 m above Sea level.

If you have a 2 Week Vacation – or more, it could be an adventure to visit one of the other Canary Islands, and Ferries and Planes are leaving to the other Islands on a daily basis from Las Palmas and Agaete.  When leaving in the morning, it is possible to be back the same Day – but you can find opportunities to stay the Night, direct from the Street. The smaller Islands are not so stamped by Tourists, so the possibilities of a different Vacation than you will find on one of the bigger Islands are great. Tickets to the other Islands are not expensive, so this type of Vacation is cheap.

Little by little we will supply this website with more information’s about Gran Canaria, and if there are information out there – interesting to others, you are welcome to send a e-mail to Webmaster, who will read it and place it on the site, where it belongs.



Best choice, before, during and after the holiday!

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